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Male Fitness Model Strokes His Hammer In “wrecking Ball” Parody


Sign in Sign in to YouTube Sign in with your Google Account (YouTube, Google+, Gmail, Orkut, Picasa, or Chrome) to dislike Brian Cannone’s video. Add to Sign in to YouTube Sign in with your Google Account (YouTube, Google+, Gmail, Orkut, Picasa, or Chrome) to add Brian Cannone’s video to your playlist. Males will be expected to show off their physical attributes, that project a fit and healthy lifestyle; A lean, well-proportioned toned and healthy looking body is the look that is wanted. 40%- Overall Marketability 20%- Stage Presence Male Fitness Model Swimsuit round: Square cut spandex style swim shorts are the suggested choice for Male Fitness Model contestants Evening Wear Round: All male contestants are required to wear formal attire. Jeans and a tshirt are unacceptable, and will be marked down. All males are expected to present themselves in a runway style fashion for this category. Coutre GQ style dress is suggested. Male Fitness Model Rounds: 2 Rounds Round #1: Beach wear/swimwear round Round #2: Runway Round Evening wear Choice of shoe is completely up to discretion of competitor.

David Scott got a job on the Barnstead, NH, police force in 2009, and is currently serving as a part-time officer, but the department required him to be certified by the states police academy to go full time. He qualified under all the screening tests except the 1.5 run, according to WCVB in Boston: Scott passed all of the academic exams and met requirements in bench presses, sit-ups and push-ups, but failed 12 times over the next two years to complete a 1.5-mile run in the allotted time, finishing 11 seconds too slow in his best run. The officers lawsuit alleges that female police trainees get an extra three minutes to complete the run which just isnt fair and constitutes a form of illegal sex discrimination based on based on an arbitrarily selected different minimum standard based on sex that does not measure in any way the minimum physical ability required to do the job of a certified full-time police officer. The fact that the officer passed all the other required tests should count for something perhaps although the police academy, officially known as the New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Council, refused to grant him a waiver. When one group appears to be favored over another, lawsuits are inevitable. Leaving aside the merits or demerits of this particular case, and whether the officer should have trained harder for the run, is it fair that there are different, gender-based physical standards in police/fire training and in the military especially since sex discrimination is illegal under federal and state statutes? If equality is the goal, and since there is no shortage of people trying to get jobs on the police force, shouldnt everyone be held to the same rigorous and appropriate (assuming appropriate could be determined) physical standards regardless of gender? If that, for example, resulted in an all-female police force, would there be anything wrong with that?

Male Cop Fails Fitness Test, Sues For Gender Discrimination

Police_group_portrait circa 1900

Is this a workout video? When does the ab work kick in? But honestly, Im not sure what exactly happened. So lets look at it again Okay, hes stroking his hammer. I get that innuendo but, oh, I hope he doesnt get a splinter. And now hes dry humping/rolling on his ball. Maybe its a new ab workout. Ill have to try it the next time I go to the gym. Okay, this is definitely a workout video. Hes doing reverse crunches. Thats good, Ive been looking for a new 8-minute ab video to try out. Oh wait, were back to playing with the hammer. Man, hes really thrusting hard. And now hes naked. Alright, this is not a workout video Umm, does he have a single hair on his body (aside from his head)? And now hes humping his ball.